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The personal statement will be one of the most challenging components of your application. Somehow, you have to write an “award-winning” personal statement that says a lot with the fewest amount of words possible.

Wait, what?

To add to the fun, admissions committees read thousands of personal statements each year so chances are, they've heard it before. But don't fret - with this course, you will learn 5 steps to help you simplify this frustrating writing process.

Isn't this just an essay?

Not by any means. The personal statement is your opportunity to "seal the deal". When grades and standardized test scores start to look alike, your personal statement can help you standout and push your application to the "to interview" pile.

Learn directly from the creator of DoctorGoals.com, Dr. Alana Trotter, who's found ways to break barriers and use her strengths to her advantage. How did she get into medical school with a subpar MCAT score and end up in a top surgical residency program? The personal statement is one of the "secret weapons"...

"I was stressing about how I was even going to begin a personal statement that stands out, so when I came across this course I knew it was exactly what I needed. It was fun and easy to read through, and I did laugh multiple times which of course makes it that much better. I appreciate how organized it is. I am taking complete advantage of the template which is provided, it has helped me organize all of my thoughts and ideas. I loved the examples included as well, especially some peeks on what your own personal statement included. This course was truly more help than expected. Thank you, Dr. Trot!"

- Jessica, Pre-Med Student